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Welcome to Funduro Test Camp, the premier Enduro training and motorbike tours.   You are interested in Enduro and want to do your first Enduro ride.  Maybe you are familiar with Enduro and want to train for the next level.  Then you have come to the right place.  In our instruction you learn not only the correct behavior of the bike and the correct selection, but the basics of riding an Enduro bike and the basics of Enduro driving.

You can find out what dates Funduro Tours offers, in the tour section.  There you can select according to your wises, the tour which would best suit you.

Training events

There is a skill obligation for the training events. A security deposit (passport or identity card only) is required. The deposit for the ID card or passport is required at the same time by the medical center.

In the case of perfection training, there is also a skill obligation. However, this does not serve to determine a most skilled driver but to better classify the drivers into the training groups.

The procedure is simple – all participants receive a skill test free of charge. We have different courses set up, and those that pass each course are divided into different groups, for example group A and group B depending on the skill level.

This principle allows very safe driving and prevents the mixing of very fast and slow drivers, which can occur due to incorrect assessments during the registration.


If you are interested in Funduro Test Camps, please email us or check our schedule online, then book your next Funduro test camp in Spain.

Perfection training.

Perfection training, as the name says, perfects your riding skills. The fun for everyone. Take part, because you liked this or that track particularly well and you always wanted to drive there. Or, let yourself be instructed in one of the advanced variants (instruction), learn to ride on the bike better, or just have fun.

Perfection training from Funduro Test Camp are completely separated from regular tours. This is all about the taking it to the next level. Learn to master the bike and enjoy curves, corners and straights, different terrain,  brakes and acceleration.

What are the advantages of perfection training? Besides a lot of fun and safety you will learn what your machine, your tires and above all you yourself can do.  With maximum safety on a tracks you can test and expand your skills. In addition, you learn a whole lot of tricks and the right line on the slopes.

Perfection training from Funduro Test Camp also offers the opportunity to improve existing knowledge. For all events from the beginner to the advanced, all motorcyclists are welcome. We will be happy to assist you.

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