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Mojacar Pueblo, a whitewashed hilltop village with a picture book setting, nestles in the foothills of the Sierra Cabrera mountain range overlooking the beach resort of Mojacar Playa where the Mediteranean Sea washes onto a seventeen kilometer coastline of uncrowded sandy beaches.

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This enthralling hillside pueblo, with its jumble of narrow cobbled streets, both attracts and charms visitors all year round.
Populated since the Bronze Age, around 2000 BC.   Mojacar is a place that begs to be explored by foot. Park the car below the town and wander upwards at your own pace. You will encounter incredible views with nearly every step. Follow the road which snakes its way toward the town or climb the stairs which also lead upward, depositing you into the residential heart of the village. Echoes of the past will engulf you.

The lower pueblo marks the starting point of this guided tour, at this point there are numerous cafes, bars, and trinket shops, with the option to follow the road on the steep climb to the main part of the village or take a detour, to the right, to the village fountain and Centro de Arte, Art Centre.

La Fuente Moro, Mojacars fountain, has been a vital water source to the village for centuries, in Moorish times it was the centre of the Mojaquero social life, even now residents still use the water for drinking by filling up their plastic water bottles in a weekly ritual.
An important part of Mojacars history, the significant peaceful surrender of the Moorish village to the Catholic Kings, is written on a commemorative plaque situated above the twelve water spouts.

On leaving the fountain the main road continues up and around the outskirts of the pueblo offering access to the main square, Plaza Nueva, the penultimate destination of this route.  However, following the map and cutting through the village, by taking the first or second available pathway to the left, leads to the original city entrance via Plaza Flores in the old Jewish quarter.

Puerta de la Ciudad also known as Puerta de la Almedina, is the old city gateway, dating back to the 15th century, the archway proudly displays the Mojacar coat of arms and the inscription of Puerta de la Ciudad, doorway to the city, in both Spanish and Arabic.

After passing under the archway the next port of call is the main street of Calle de Enmedio, home to the Ayuntamiento de Mojacar, the town hall building, and its pretty plaza, a gathering spot for the locals, the plaza cafe bar utilises the square as its outside seating area, daytime shade is provided by a magnificent old tree and subtle lighting creates a special evening atmosphere.

Across from the town hall a narrow stairway ascends to the Plaza del Parterre, now a beautifully maintained square decorated with numerous plants and flowers, it was once the location of the old Arab cemetery and is situated by the side of the church.

From here, a left turn affords access to Plaza Fronton and the Tourist Information Centre, turning right, along Alcalde Jacinto, leads to Plaza Nueva, the main square of the village, which is always buzzing with sightseers and shoppers.  Many of the shops, bars, cafes and restaurants are situated in the cobbled streets surrounding the main square and along and around Calle de Enmedio.

Mirador de la Plaza Neuva, the platform on the edge of the plaza, presents amazing views down to the valley below as well as a place to sit and relax, sample some local refreshments and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

One final place of interest, signposted from Plaza Nueva, is the Mirador del Castillo, a steep climb, up yet more cobbled walkways, leads to the viewing point at the highest point of the village, from where there are magnificent views of Mojacars coastline and the Mediterranean sea.

Shopping in the pueblo is all about discovering the curious little places that line the walkways and plazas.

There is a good choice of local crafts for sale, such as rugs, ceramics, wrought iron works and leather, besides, of course, the usual touristy souvenirs and Indalo charms.

Fashion is well represented with various boutiques covering styles such as bohemian, vintage, modern and classic. With plenty of quality establishments, a selection of exclusive shops, and some distinctly individual stores, no one should walk away empty handed.

The weekly market comes to the village on Wednesdays, providing fresh locally grown produce, and on Sunday mornings the Rastro market offers a mix of all sorts from locals and traders.

Eating out in Mojacar village

With cafe lined plazas and discreet hidden restaurants Mojacar pueblos eating establishments offer a diverse fusion of flavours in wonderful settings.

A choice of Italian, French, British and Argentinian, among other dishes, can be sampled, though Spanish cuisine is obviously the most prevalent with tapas, raciones, menu del dia and meat and fish specialities.

Daytime or evening the cafes, bars and restaurants create an ambiance to be savoured, often in locations that oncestumbled upon need to be remembered.

After dark

After sunset Mojacar Pueblo becomes even more captivating, its mysterious streets come alive with an aura of expectation and awaited discoveries.
Select restaurants with candlelit terraces light up the village offering romantic dinners and relaxed venues for a special experience within exceptional surroundings.

The bars and nightspots in the village are chic and low key, for music and dancing Mojacar Playa has more on offer, especially in high season.

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