Mojacar playa, Mojácar, Spain


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After a long day of enduro you might want to relax a little on one of the multiple beaches that Mojacar has to offer.  „Playa Marina de la Torre“(which is very popular among tourists)  or „Playa de Rumina“ which is frequented by few tourists and is a place where tranquility and relaxation are always to be found.  There are also nice beach bars located along the coast where you are sure to interact with the locals.

The price of this activity is calculated by the size of the group that is interested and the activity.

The Parque Comercial, a popular centre with lots of shops, cafes and restaurants, denotes the access point from Mojacar Pueblo to the beach road and promenade.  Turning left towards Garrucha town offers some quality hotels and beaches, a golf resort, and a quieter holiday location, turning right, invites the livelier resort centre.

This is still a very traditional area of Spain where family values are of the utmost importance and the resort is geared up for families and children with play parks and ice cream parlors along the seafront promenade.

Relaxing entertainment venues and quality eating establishments span the length of the spacious beach areas, where the atmosphere is laid back and friendly.

That said, it has to be noted that in the high season months of July and August, this normally peaceful holiday spot comes alive, and the beaches, hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and clubs are bustling with holiday makers.

There is a reasonable size expatriate community in Mojacar, not surprisingly many have chosen to live here permanently, with a wide mix of aged groups from the retired to a good number of younger couples and families.

Mojacars uncrowded coastline, part of the Levante coastline of Almeria, is a great place to practise a variety of water sports, such as sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing, and fishing, with the scuba diving sites of Villaricos, Carboneras and Cabo de Gata all within easy reach.

The access fee includes transport to the beach area from your hotel, and transport back.

Please visit our Area Guide under „Info“ and choose the beach you would like to visit. We will group people by beaches and drop them off at their destination. If you would like to stay past the schedule pick-up for the return transport, you can walk, take a bus or taxi back to your accommodation.


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